Import Lending

Capture growth opportunities with a flexible credit facility

Our import lending solution gives you flexible credit to finance international purchases, so you never miss an opportunity to grow your business. Not only do we provide the finance, we can also send your supplier the payment, quickly and securely, in their local currency.

Flexible lending

A better-suited funding capability to target
where the company cash flow lag originates

Pay as you go

Only accrue interest once you have used the credit line
No usage = zero cost

Ease of use

Simple and transparent platform to make
and track your international transactions

Enhanced supplier relationships

Benefit from improved ability
to pay your suppliers earlier


    We don’t believe in charging you for something you haven’t used. Our import lending solution has no fees to set up or maintain, and no unnecessary admin charges.


    You can borrow for up to 150 days and repay in full at any point during the fixed term of the agreement, with no early repayment fees. You only pay interest on the amount of finance you use, when you use it.


    We’ll pay your international suppliers directly in their local currency using our fast and secure international payment capabilities in over 140 currencies. This process increases efficiency and reduces the administrative burden on your business.