Mass Payments Solutions

The premier non-bank provider of high volume currency and payment solutions

Global reach

Access to pay and collect in 200+ markets

Our extensive, state of the art, secure network ensures that your payments get to the right place at the right time. Our fully compliant GDPR platform protects all aspects of the payment life cycle.

A customised integration and onboarding toolkit

Ebury’s solution ensures your needs are met on the day you begin transacting and as you grow your level of sophistication. Whether using our high volume file upload capability, API or fully customisable User Interface, with Ebury you have choices to help your business transact effectively and efficiently.

Ebury Online platform

Send Mass Payments


Create a single file

A multi-currency payment file with all your payments and beneficiaries


Upload your file

Through Ebury Online, our Host-to-Host solution or using our API



Optional multiple sign-off levels


We take care of the rest

We exchange currencies, instruct payments and provide statements for easy reconciliation

Risk Management

The Ebury team have extensive experience trading, hedging and managing operational risk. Matched with a deep understanding of payroll and enterprise payments means you can rely on Ebury to find the best solutions for your business.

Our Services

Our clients expect the breadth and depth of a full-service provider

Integrated and File Uploads

Use our real-time integrated API or our file upload mechanism for payment files to 220 countries with 99.97% accuracy

Spot Transaction

Immediate access to live pricing in more than 130 countries 24x6.

Flexible Forwards

Lock in a rate with flexible draws as needed and no penalty.

Fixed Forward

Lock in a rate for a fixed payment date.

Market Orders

Work the market for your desired rate of execution when you want or need it.

Market Color and Commentary

Top-ranked market commentary broken down for you in a language you can absorb and make decisions.

Open an account and start collecting payments and paying suppliers online

If you have any queries regarding our currency accounts, take a look through our FAQs. If the answer you’re looking for isn’t there, please feel free to contact us